Our tailor-made tours will take you to the most exciting destinations in region of Central Europe, Adriatic and the Balkans at the discretion of the prospective traveler. Central Europe is rich with Natural Beauty of the Alps. Eastern Europe is celebrated for its rich historical castles, churches and old city centers, which are today great cosmopolitan cities as well. The Adriatic offers stunning coastal towns and beaches on thousand islands. And the Balkans will take you to the past, to the land of warm people of this touristy unexplored part of Europe to give you a feeling how Europe used to look like.

It is recommended to first browse through our pre-planned itineraries to garner an idea of which attractions you wish to include in your own customized combination. All the properties we use will be carefully selected on great locations with high level of service and attention to detail. Our tailor-made tours are offered in tourist, standard and exclusive options.

Once you have provided our team with an idea of what you are after, we will work closely with you to custom create your ideal tour. Whether you have specific destinations, attractions, activities or accommodations in mind, we will construct a workable and memorable tailor-made tour just for you.

Highly recommended tour destinations in area of Central & Eastern Europe with Adriatic and Balkans, that we cover are: romantic Venice, breathtaking beauty of Bled lake, must see Plitvice lakes, Pearl of Adriatic Dubrovnik, capital of Hungary Budapest, Royal Vienna, Mozarts Salzburg with its fortress, Old town Prague with Charles bridge, Time warp Cesky Krumlov, Spectacular Kotor bay, Biggest lake in the Balkans Ohrid with its town and East meets West in Sarajevo. We would almost always recommend that you include a few countries to your tour for the finest cultural and historical experience possible.


In all Private tailor-made tours, we include accommodation according to the level you request. So we range the hotels from touristy/BB 3* hotels, standard four star hotels to top-end/exclusive five star hotels on your tour. All the accommodation we use is carefully selected and personally checked by our expert team. In each category, we will propose accommodation which we believe to be the finest in the area and class.


We combine a workable itinerary with all areas of your interest in the Central, Eastern and Southern Europe (Adriatic and Balkans), offering you the freedom to determine your destinations of preference and pace of travel.


Another aspect which is taken into account when proposing a tailor-made tour with Movis Private Tours is your budget. Providing us with an estimated budget enables us to ensure the appropriatly fit between the proposed services and your available resources.


A great diversity of special interest areas exists throughout the region we cover. Some of the most popular include wine&gourmet tours, bear watching, truffle hunting, genealogy tours, honeymoon, art and architecture tours and historical/battlefield tours. If you request to tailor-make an itinerary around a special interest, we will be happy to customize your tour and an expert in that field would take care of you on the tour.